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Capacity Building

LG Electronics makes a wide range of efforts to contribute to fostering responsible global citizens and future leaders. Our efforts include developing products that bridge the digital divide, establishing IT training facilities and running environmental education programs.

LG Talking Book Phone(KOREA)

Since 2005, LG Electronics has cooperated with LG U+ and the LG Sangnam Library to develop mobile phones that read books for the visually impaired. A total of 10,000 units were donated between the period of 2005 and 2012. The fifth LG Talking Book Phone was developed and donated to social welfare facilities for the disabled in 2012. The new model features a function that allows users to access the "LG Digital Talking Book Library" of the LG Sangnam Library and download audio books.

Life’s Green Class(KOREA, INDIA)

In order to foster future generations with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment, LG Electronics introduced the Life's Green Class in 2006 in association with Hanyang University and educated more than 76,000 children as of 2012. This program was also introduced in India at 2010, and operated in conjunction with LGEIL (Indian Subsidiary) and the University of Pune. In 2012, the Life's Green Class visited a total of 64 schools and provided classes to more than 63,000 children.

LG Loves School(INDONESIA)

In Indonesia, LG Electronics operates the “LG Loves School” program to create an improved learning environment for students from schools in developing areas by replacing old computers and IT equipment and donating electronic products. Our employees also teach IT classes for students, and the program is operated in conjunction with scholarship programs and training programs for students and teachers.