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Caring Local Community

LG Electronics makes earnest efforts to spread hope to local communities across the world. In 2013, LG Electronics made organization-wide efforts to give back to communities, including volunteer activities and charitable donations, with active participation from our employees at 12 business sites in Korea and 41 overseas subsidiaries across 34 countries. LG Electronics will continue its efforts to earn the trust and respect of each and every community where we do business by assisting the underprivileged to become self-reliant, protecting the environment and promoting employee participation in volunteer works.

Country Social Contribution Activities & Programs
U.S LGE made our Times Square in New York, U.S.A’s digital billboard available to the UNDP and UNEP to raise public awareness of global issues such as environment and poverty under the LG Hope Screen Program.
Russia LGE in partnership with the Ministry of Health & Social Development of Russia, organized a blood drive that tours eight cities on a train. The event was planned to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation. The train traveled a total of 5,000 km and attracted 1,241 blood donors.
China Since 1999, LGE selected elementary schools around sites as LG Hope School and support its development by teacher training, scholarship and building infrastructure.
Mexico LGE invested a part of its profits from washing machine sales to install a total of 28 water tanks at underprivileged neighborhoods suffering from drinking water shortages in Mexico, relieving over 4,000 low income residents from drinking water concerns for the next 30 years.
Israel LGE has organized the charitable photo exhibition “Art to Heart” for the past four years. The exhibition showcases interesting photos by famous photographers that feature refrigerators and renowned chefs. The proceedings from the sales (USD 50,000) were directed to supporting children with disabilities.
Indonesia LGE engaged in an SNS campaign on Facebook to address children’s nutrition issues. During the campaign, over 1,000 people played a social media game about nutritionally balanced meals to raise funds, and the proceedings were used towards providing nutritious meals to children from three local orphanages for six months. Also, run as part of the “LG Loves Indonesia” campaign, “LG Sound of Guidance” encouraged customers to participate in this social media campaign to support a school for children with vision disabilities. A total of 2,223 individuals participated via mobile app, 41,523 fans through Facebook, and 4,881 followers from Twitter. The fund raised through the campaign was used to purchase class materials for the school and provide scholarships to students.
South Africa LGE toured orphanages and grade schools in underprivileged neighborhoods and provided free electronics repair service and performed disinfections. The subsidiary also offered a free 3D movie screening and IT classes on the service bus.
Germany LGE operated the “LG Helps Flood Victims” program to help victims from the South East region hit by the worst flooding in a century and provided free repair service to the flood victims. As part of the program, LGE donated 1,400 units of electric products and operated a mobile laundry service.
Nigeria In order to support the local community’ fight against malaria, LGE introduced the “Mosquito Away” Air Conditioner designed and developed specifically to meet local needs. In addition, LGE donated malaria medicine and mosquitonets to provide further protection against mosquitoes.
Ethiopia LGE hosted a Pocket Photo event “My First Family Portrait” at an Ethiopian village. The event was organized to present a memorable picture moment to the villagers, a majority of whom cannot afford to buy a camera and thus have never taken pictures with their families and friends. In the event, LGE took photos of the residents and presented them with prints instantly produced with Pocket Photo.
South & Central America The eight subsidiaries from Central & South America (Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Peru) joined forces with a non-profit organization TECHO Panama to run an online CSR campaign, which encouraged customers to post a picture of them smiling. LGE made a donation for every picture posted on the campaign website, and the fund raised was directed toward building houses for underprivileged families.