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Caring Community


As a corporate citizen of Asia, LG Electronics endeavors to be involved in the accomplishments and progress of the regional community, and in doing so become a faithful, like-minded friend. In Thailand, we held a ‘long march across the nation for drug elimination’ event in connection with Thai government’s drug elimination program in 2002.

In 2004, we provided free surgical operations to 208 blind people, restoring their vision through donation to underprivileged patient support association in Vietnam. In addition, we sponsored Bridge of Hope, a TV program involving making phone calls of goodwill in Malaysia. Also, we lends materials, as well as a spiritual helping hand, to citizens experiencing difficulties, thus earning the trust and confidence of the local people.

In 2001, we provided assistance in India’s earthquake restoration work. In 2004, we launched various aid campaigns to alleviate the difficulties of tsunami-affected Southeast Asian areas including Korea, India, Thailand, and other Asian nations.

LG Electronics is a big supporter of “LG Champion Quiz,” a TV show that offers scholarships for academically gifted students in Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and in Latin American nations such as Panama and Guatemala. Since 2004, LGE has been conducting emergency relief throughout Asia, while also waging an anti-drug campaign in Thailand and the Philippines.

And in the hope of discovering tomorrow’s next top singers, LGE did some star marketing of its own by sponsoring LG Starz Talent in Thailand and My Starz, LG in Malaysia.

LG Electronics also sponsors the ICC Cricket World Cup in India. The Cricket World Cup is the most authoritative cricket championship in the world, and is held every four years.

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