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Caring Community


LG Electronics has been carrying out its LG Hope Primary School initiative across China since 1999, while also supporting the “I Love China” campaign for donations, scholarships, and medical support.

The LG Hope Primary School project refers to schools sponsored by LG Electronics for impoverished children who are being supported by companies or individuals under the guidance of the Chinese Youth Development Association.

As of 2007, a total of 14 schools across China had benefited from the program. The initiative is linked to the Chinese government’s Hope Project (a major program in which the Chinese Youth Development Association supports children who cannot study because they have no money to attend school or because there is no school in their neighborhood).
LG Electronics participated in the program from 1999 and has been offering systematic support for education in farming and poor areas. Currently, the five Chinese subsidiaries (LGESY, LGETA, LGETR, LGEPN, LGEND/NP) are actively supporting 14 Hope Primary Schools by providing facility donations, scholarships and school building repairs. Aside from material aid, LG Electronics also runs diverse activities such as summer camps and composition contests to open up new possibilities and values to the children.

In May 2008, LGE supported the reconstruction effort of a collapsed middle school, donated relief funds (KRW 3.5 billion), and ran a 24-hour laundry service for victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

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