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Caring Community


LG Electronics conducts a diverse range of cultural events to foster European culture. We contribute to regional social development and cultural sponsorships. In organizing these events, we win over the affections of the people of Europe.

For three years in a row from 2003, LG Electronics threw the LG Charity Concert in Prague, Czech Republic, which aimed to support youth scholarships. In Spain, we sponsored the Millennium Concert, building a reputation of faithfully fulfilling social responsibilities. In France, LGE sponsored the Tale of Chunhyang Opera Performance in Paris, and the Koreans Living in France Festival. In the United Kingdom, LGE held the LG London Korean Festival, thus promoting Korean culture.

LG Electronics was an official sponsor of the "anti-cancer campaign," which was facilitated by the anti-cancer association, Association pour la Vie et l'Espoir contre le Cancer. This association was led by Dr. Khayat, who is a health counselor for the French public.

Cancer is a disease that has become increasingly common — killing a far greater number of people than AIDS or car accidents in the past 10 years. The rate of cancer patients has increased by more than 63% in the past 20 years. It is reported that one in two men and one in three women may fall victim to cancer in the future.

Alarmed by this prospect, the French anti-cancer association and the French government launched the anti-cancer campaign to raise awareness of cancer and to provide the next generation with appropriate cancer-related information. As LG Electronics rated the objectives of the anti-cancer campaign highly, the company also sponsored the campaign.

On January 30, 2006, the final event of the campaign took place at the Palace of Versailles. The large-sized PDP screens served as a "window" for LG Electronics, the French government, and the anti-cancer organization to convey the message of hope, with the screens displaying the whole event, touching the hearts of the viewers.

Together with the anti-cancer organization, LG Electronics held a scenario contest in which every French junior high school student that wrote a humane and heart-warming scenario on cancer was eligible to participate. There were 7,000 entries and the winning piece is to be adapted into a short film by director Luc Besson.

LGE also sponsors the LG Amsterdam Tournament, a soccer match held between professional European club teams. LGE also sponsors the the ICC Cricket World Cup in UK, and the LG Hockey Games in Northern Europe.

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