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Caring Community

Middle East & Africa

Since 2002, LGE has been financing cleft lip and palate charity operations for children in Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, and Nigeria. In 2007 and 2008, a total of 19,351 visually-impaired people also benefited from the free eye diagnosis and eyesight recovery operations that LG Electronics covered.

LGE also hosts the Happy Family Pictures Festival in Nigeria, B-boy contests in Ecuador and Venezuela, and the LG SolarDOM Cooking Competition in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and South Africa. And LGE sponsors the LG Dead Sea Ultra Marathon in Jordan.

On December 10, LG Electronics opened the “2008 LG Home Chef Award” in Dubai. Through this event, we opened a new chapter in not only defining the harmony between ingredients and taste for amateur chefs, but in also defining the harmony between environment and human health. Through a regional pre-selection process, 15 teams from 8 countries were selected and participated in the event (Korea, Iran, Arab Emirates, Canada, U.S., Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India). Participants utilized LG’s Light Wave Oven to create and display various cuisines.

LG Electronics held an International Environment Conference in Dubai’s Arab Emirate, the first non-government organization to hold such a conference. The conference was co-sponsored with the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and the government of the Arab Emirates, and was held at Dubai’s Jumeira Beach Hotel. Through this conference, we were able to solidify our eco-friendly corporate image in the Middle-east.
During the conference, LG Electronics was able to secure information regarding trends and successful cases of various countries’ effort to counter environmental pollution and climate change. Discussions within the government and private sector were held on how to achieve an eco-friendly society. At the end of the conference, a “Green Protocol” was concluded between LG Electronics, the Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Environment and the UN to actively cooperate in constructing an ecofriendly society.

In Syria, LGE’s Middle East & Africa (MEA) region opened the LG CAC Lab at Damascus University’s College of Engineering. It is also inviting academically gifted students to Korea and offering them scholarships. Moreover, LG Electronics has formed a partnership with the American University in Dubai, whose professors lecture at the LG MEA Marketing School, which LG opened in June 2008.

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