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Caring Community

North America

In the United States, LG Electronics donates money to underprivileged members of the community, and conducts various corporate social activities for the benefit of the community, involving fire stations, libraries and other institutions.

In particular, LGE sponsor LA Wiltern Theatre, a performance hall designated as a U.S. national cultural legacy. Established in 1931, Wiltern Theatre attracts over 300,000 people annually, and is a hub of U.S. popular culture. With LG’s sponsorship, it is now named Wiltern LG, and is widely acclaimed for its renowned performances. We also sponsor a world-class New York’s Fashion Week, as well as the Nanta Performance, which promoted Korean culture, and attracted the attention of local opinion leaders. These events have helped us further boost our corporate image of developing and sponsoring culture.

LG Electronics announced its green house gas reduction plans at the CES 2009(Las Vegas), which was held in January 2009. As a company that emits green house gases as part of its operations has a social responsibility towards environment issues. The CES 2009 allowed us to share the awareness of the responsibilities toward climate change and to have a strong will to reduce green house gases which should be part of the business strategy that a global company should implement.

LG Electronics announced its plan on a company-wide level to carry-out technology development to reduce green house gases emitted at manufacturing facilities, and to place all the Company’s effort to reduce indirectly emitted green house gases from product usage by enhancing energy efficiencies. This announcement further made public our strong will.

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