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In Governmental policy declared by Russian President Mr.Putin one of the most strategic emphasis in put on national project “Nations’ Health” the core element of which is to solve the acute problem of blood donation which system was completely destroyed in the 90ies and requested immediate restoring. Russian Government started to take urgent & efficient measures and also addressed big business to help bringing back positive traditions of blood sharing at enterprises and offices. LG Electronics became the first company out of business community-true first partner of Ministry of Health & Medical Biological Agency (FMBA) of this great initiative. Since 2009 after almost 3 years of leading among business community of Blood donation initiative LG became fully associated in Russia as a company with strongest CSR orientation proved by numerous government awards & recognitions. LG enhances the program with new initiatives showing real example that kindness, CSR & creativity as well as teamwork can bring successful results. Besides donor days at its factory, main office and service subsidiary, LG enhanced geography to St Pete office & R&D center, it has ambitious goal to go to Vladivostok right after APEC summit and already covered 8 biggest Russian cities on “Train of innovation and kind deeds” making blood donor days, lectures & press conferences in Saransk, Ulianovsk, Kazan, Samara, Saratov, Sochi, Volgograd. LG started to attract very famous Russian Olympic champions who are truly symbol of Health and compassion and who are now LG ambassadors! LG also makes blood days associated with different holidays like St Valentine Day or Ladies Day 8th of March or International Donor day or V-Day-such coinciding occasions as blood days and beloved holidays always add value and deep sense to Russian understanding how LG cares about them! Becoming a corporate volunteer, LG started to involve all leading Russian mass media: magazines, newspapers, TV to make joint blood days and propaganda of blood movement with messages of LG leading it thus adding PR value to LG initiatives. Other LG companies as LG Hausys as well as strategic business partner Eldorado also joined LG example! In total since 2009 ¼ of LG employees became donors, LG has conducted 33 blood donor days & saved 9351 lives! Kind deeds are also closely related with working with young generation. LG became partner of Young People Innovation Forum “Seliger” (2010-2012) embracing 20 000 young people supported and visited by Russian President. There LG became a hero of all Russian book of records (Russian Guinness book) for leading blood donation at the Forum among young people getting most number of donors in the open air in blood track-262 people! Blood donation already swept CIS since 8th of March Blood day united Russia, Ukraine & Belorus.

Social Projects of LGEUR

According to most acute needs of the Ukrainian society LGEUR already in 2011 defined two main directions for consistent CSR such as healthcare and children support with emphasis on blood donation. Voluntary blood donorship also faces severe shortage of donors so that needs are filled for just 30%. LG decided to contribute to the Ukrainian society and help solving the issue. On June, 14th, 2011 the project “Drop of Blood – Human’s Life” has started with the first blood donation event. Until now 5 events were conducted which enabled to collect 116 liters of blood and attract 340 donors. Nevertheless, the amount of collected blood is not the main indicator for the project effectiveness. Our main goal is to raise the awareness of society about the problem of blood banks shortage. Therefore, LGEUR settles long-term partnership with state healthcare organizations, medias and local celebrities. The personal testimonials of the celebrities and events post-reports are published in medias and broadcasted on TV. More and more people visit the Central Kiev Blood Bank after LG Electronics events, which means that our plan works.
Under the second direction of supporting children, LGEUR works with Down Syndrome children and orphans. We support or conduct events in order to raise money for early development programs for these children. The happy smiles of children are the best proof for us, that we are on the right way!

Social Projects conducted by LG Electronics in Kazakhstan

LG Electronics Almaty Kazakhstan (LGEAK) during 5 years in a raw contributing to Kazakhstan society with anti-breast cancer project “Healthy Asia with LG”. This disease is the pain of Kazakhstan, therefore company set the goal to discover breast cancer at early stages (when you have the chance to save the life, using special treatment) and to inform and involve maximum people as project “ambassadors”. LGEAK purchased the mini bus and modern diagnostics equipment and sponsored the doctors’ team, who travelling across the country, coming to rural area and small villages. During last five years more than 55,000 women received free diagnostics, were trained for self diagnostics and received physiological support. We gave the chance to somebody’s mothers, daughters, sisters and wives then found pathologies at early stages. We sent extra cases patients’ to big cities to the medical centers for treatment. Up-to-date bus moved via more than 190 small settlements (“auls”, villages, cities) in Kazakhstan and LGEAK real contribution to Kazakhstan Public Health (where 1 professional diagnostics costs 20$) is more than 1 million dollars. From 2012 project scope was increased, additional stomatologic and cardio diagnostics equipment were added to and in 12 Aktobe districts, bus will check more than 18000 women and children and provide free medical support.

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