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Caring Community

Central and South America

In order to instill hope for the future into the hearts of poverty-stricken teenagers, LG Electronics sponsors la "Villa de Las Ninas." It is an educational institution for young girls, run by the Sisters of Mary in Mexico, a Catholic charity organization.

The "Girls' House" was established by an affiliate of the Sisters of Mary in Korea and is an educational, social service institution for some 4,000 underprivileged Mexican girls, who have shown great academic potential. It offers regular secondary and higher education classes as well as one-year vocational training courses in culture, sports, and computer education, to name but a few.

LG Electronics is involved in various financial support activities, which include granting scholarships, supplying medical equipment, lending financial support for the staging of musical concerts, and sponsoring an archery team.

Through bazaars, it also offers employees of LG Electronics Mexico an opportunity to actively participate in charity activities, so that employees can grow together

During the summer vacation in 2004, LG Electronics sponsored the activities of the Korean "Boys' House" choir, which included cultural experiences and a performance in the presidential palace in Mexico. In response to this concert, the Mexican "Girls' House" choir paid a visit to Korea and carried out their "beautiful" activities, which included performances at Cheongwadae (the Korean Executive Presidential Mansion) and at the National Assembly.

Relief work, emergency aid, and donations from LGE have gone a long way to assist people in Central and South America in their recovery from natural disasters like earthquakes, especially in the Peruvian cities of Lima, Chincha Alta, and Pisco. LG Electronics has also supported cleft lip and palate charity operations for children from financially disadvantaged families in Colombia.

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