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Life’s Good with LG

Life’s Good with LG

We wish to maintain our hard-earned reputation for bringing added value to the lives of consumers.

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Our Approach on Conflict Minerals

Our Approach
on Conflict Minerals

Actively participate in the industry-wide responses to conflict minerals with goal of eliminating sources of funding to those who commit human rights abuses.

Raise suppliers’ awareness on the issue and facilitate their responses to mitigate the issue with contract and evaluation.

Our Statement on Conflict Minerals
Investor Relations

Investor Relations

LG is pursuing its vision of becoming the top global consumer electronics and appliance company with solutions that can change the landscape of the markets.

The ultimate goal of these strategies is to add values for our employees, customers and shareholders.

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LG named to a Sustainability Leader

LG named to a Sustainability Leader

LG has been selected as an "Industry Leader (No. 1)" of the 2014/15 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in the Leisure Goods sector
and an "Industry Group Leader (No. 1)" in the Consumer Durables & Apparel sector group.

DJSI World includes the 10% best-in-class economic, environmental and social performers among the world’s 2,500 largest companies.

LG is included in the DJSI World for three years in a row.

Launched in 1999, the DJSI are the first global indices tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide.

Our Approach on Child Safety Online

Our Approach
on Child Safety Online

Rapidly growing technology and access
to the internet through electronic devices
provides many new opportunities for people,
yet care should be taken in ensuring that
this is done safely.

This is important because it also concerns our children.