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The Most Comfortable Viewing Experience

LG CINEMA 3D Monitor D43 series provides you the most comfortable 3D viewing experience as well as maximizes enjoyment by letting you instantly convert any 2D contents into greater 3D.

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3D Monitors

Get ready for the best in home entertainment. With an LG 3D monitor, you can step into the stunning new world of 3-dimensional excellence – and enjoy the latest technology in gaming, online content, movies and more. Learn More

Discover 3D monitors with all the latest features, including:

LG's CINEMA 3D monitor technology: Eliminates flickering shutters from glasses, allowing you to indulge in 3D images without dizziness or weariness. No more nausea or discomfort.

Crosstalk-Free: While LG’s 3D technology enables our glasses to eliminate flickering images, our Next Generation 3D panel provides clearer, blur-free images. Enjoy a superior viewing experience with no overlapping images, or dizziness associated with conventional 3D monitors.

Battery Free CINEMA 3D glasses: About half the weight of conventional 3D glasses, these battery-free glasses provide comfort when using an LG 3D monitor. Moreover, unlike conventional 3D glasses, there is no need for recharging the glasses every time they are used.

Ultimate 3D Brightness: More than 2X brighter than conventional 3D monitors, LG’s 3D technology provides brighter & clearer images that can counteract any dimness through a thin film that covers the screen. An LG 3D monitor can produce exceptionally clear and vivid images in 2D, as well.

3D Effect Mode: This technology provides a much more vivid and clear 3D image. This adjustment enables you to sharpen the boarders of dark images, allowing you to experience and feel greater depth in 3D.

2D to 3D Conversion: This feature allows you to convert any 2D images into a 3D view. Our 3D monitors come with the software needed to convert the images – and it can all be done with just the touch of a button.

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