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People at LG

LG's "Right People" are those capable of being active players on the Hong Kong stage. Listen to what they have to say.

Bianca Lee-Chang

LGEEH, European Marketing Comm. Group

I am a European PR Specialist, working at LG's European Headquarters. I coordinate PR activities and provide support and strategic operation plans to PR Managers in 14 different countries?seeing first hand how LG demonstrates great innovation and growth throughout the world.

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Fabio Gurman

LG Electronics Brazil, HR Team

I feel like I belong to the LG family and it's one I'm proud to work for. Secondly, I like being part of a team that is positively influencing the company's presence in Brazil?and what's more, it's great to have the opportunity to use my experience to contribute to the company's success in other countries.

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Jeong Chun-Hee

LGECH, Public Relations Group

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work for the company. I am very proud to be an LG employee, and thanks to the support and opportunities offered by the company?and my own dedication and perseverance?I have been able to progress from junior employee to PR manager.

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Zhang Hui


As one of the top 500 corporations worldwide, LG had always represented an attractive option?and it has been an honor to work for them. The knowledge, training, and skills I have gained here have given me a great foundation from which to build to my career.

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LG Electronics China, R&D Center

My job involves researching mobile terminals and coding audio profiles, as well as project management. LG is an ambitious company that produces many different products and product lines. I hope to develop my skills further, to become a proficient project leader over time.

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Yantao Sun

LGETA, Air-Conditioning Production Team

I am a mechanical- and craft-processing engineer in a paint shop. Since starting work at LGE, I have really come to appreciate the importance of teamwork. When people work together, they can achieve big things. I hope to be working for the Quality Department in the future.

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LGETA, Vacuum Cleaner Purchasing Department

My department helps develop new vacuum cleaner models, and decide on pricing. I chose LG because I knew that they were the kind of company that would give me the opportunities needed to realize my ambitions. My goal is to lead my team to become one of the best in the V/C factory.

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Frederic Christophe

LGEMF, Standard- and Advanced-Technologies Group

I'm a standards and advanced technologies director at LGEMF. I was looking for new career challenge and became interested in LG because of its success in the mobile phone market. I felt that LG was one of the few manufacturers that could find the key to success in this line of business and come to master the industry as a whole.

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Michael Gallardo Linares

LGEPS, Marketing Group

I am a Marketing Assistant Manager in charge of strategies, promotions, and brand image for the LGEPS division. The most rewarding thing for me is feeling passionate about my work, and here at LG I do. I'm aiming to create high-level brand value and an exclusive branding image for all of Latin America.

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Marek Sosnowski

LG Electronics Poland, Production Group

When I moved to Mlawa I began work on LG's production line. Today, I am an engineer and find my job very satisfying. I am very passionate about new technologies, and always have been. LG has provided me with the perfect opportunity to establish a life for myself here in Mlawa.

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