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Delivering a Commiment

to innovation, LG Electronics recognizes the importance of flat panel disply technology when used to communicate, engage and entertain.

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Hotels TV

TVs that look great, on or off

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LG’s innovative Digital Media Player

System Expansibility/ Multi-user Access System/ Full Version Web Editor

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Commercial Products

LG is committed to offering comprehensive and indispensable business solutions. With the latest digital products and features tailored to business environments, LG commercial products and electricals can help take your company to the next level. Learn More

Discover the right commercial products to meet your business’ needs. LG offers a wide range of options to help you work quickly and efficiently, including:

Hospitality & Healthcare TVs: Available in sizes ranging from 22 inches to 47 inches, LG commercial TVs offer deep, rich colours and crystal-clear images for optimal viewing in a wide array of settings, including hotels and hospitals.

Digital Signage Display: LG commercial signage pops with digital brilliance from virtually any angle. Boasting crystal-clear images, simple-to-use touchscreen displays and the option to choose portrait or landscape modes, these stunning displays offer flexible solutions for a wide range of environments.

HVAC Solutions: Designed for residential and commercial applications, LG air conditioners and commercial electricals deliver energy-efficient cooling in sleek and sophisticated packages.

Commercial Monitors: With large-format display monitors and TV screens from LG, you can create one-of-a-kind displays. Available in sizes from 29 inches to 52 inches, our HD and LCD commercial monitors offer innovative solutions for offices, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, theatres and more.

Home Network: LG HomNet features built-in commercial appliances with state-of-the-art functions. From VoIP to unmanned delivery service and home monitoring, HomNet has you covered.

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