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LG Electronics has established design research centers in Europe, China, U.S., Japan, and India is developing world-class design concepts in collaboration with design management centers in Korea.


The Corporate Design Center is located in a high-rise office block, situated in one of Seoul's thriving business centers. In Seoul alone, several hundred designers are working on implementing the company's global design strategy. In addition, designers at the five international Corporate Design Center located in Europe (London), China (Beijing), U.S.(New York), Japan (Tokyo), and India(New Delhi) design products tailored to their local markets - approx. 540 designers from 12 nations are all working for LG Electronics. The Corporate Design Center offices is structured in line with the manufacturing divisions where it designs the products: the Home Entertainment Design Lab (HE), which is responsible for plasma televisions, monitors, DVD players, audio systems, home theater entertainment, and PCs; the Home Appliance & Air Conditioning Design Lab (HAC), which designs household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines; and the Mobile Communications Design Lab (MC).

The Design Center is complimented off by the Life Soft Research Lab, which creates visionary concepts such as the mobile lifestyle or the intelligent home, based on consumer trends and the findings of market research studies. We also have a corporate design lab that deals with customer experience-based GUI/UI, color/ material and visual identity.

5 Overseas Design Branches : U.S.A, United Kingdom, Japan, China , India