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Having won the "Design Team of the Year 2006" reddot Design Award, which is awarded to one of the best design companies in the world, LG Electronics is leading the market thanks to its design vision.

Product development focused on design

Aiming for "great design." LG Electronics has chosen "Concept," "Style," "Interface," and "Finish" as its four core design concepts, and has been doing its best to achieve great designs. From the initial development stage of all products and services, the relevant departments such as the design, product planning, and marketing departments organize a Cross-Functional Team and develop clear product concepts and charming designs that offer many different values to customers.

Future of design in the hands of real talent

Since 1991, LG's global design network has been developing gradually to meet the needs of its customers worldwide. Around 540 employees from 12 nations work tirelessly to fulfil LG's global design strategy. The network includes all the designers in the four departments of the company's design center in Korea, as well as those working in the five associated international offices.

LG Electronics' super designers display the core talent required by the design sector and are not only capable of developing new product concepts that will lead the market, capture business opportunities, and realize innovative designs, but can also lead the organization with passion and enthusiasm. This core talent will become the source all "Great Design" creations, promoted by LG Electronics.

Results from design investments

LG Electronics' design management strategy is achieving success after success. In 2006, LG Electronics won the "Design Team of the Year" reddot Design Award. The award is presented annually to one of the best design companies in the world. Recently receiving many international design awards such as iF and reddot, LG Electronics has confirmed its passion for design. All of LG Electronics' design-related activities are based on tireless research for values that customers appreciate or would like to see in their products. The company will continue with this research until it achieves the accolade of "future-leading design (Great Design)."