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LG’s innovative Digital
Media Player

LG NA1100 Media Player & Softwareofers
system expansibility, multi-user access
system and full version web editor

External Media Players

Share your message quickly, easily and reliably with an external digital media player from LG. Featuring stable components in a simple-to-install package, LG external media players put a world of options right at your fingertips. Learn More

LG external media players are designed to work seamlessly in today’s business environment. With an elegant purpose-engineered design, our external digital media players feature:

Low Power/Low Heat/Low Noise Operation: When you choose a solid state external media player from LG, you’ll get a quieter, cooler and money-saving player (when compared to magnetic hard drives).

Full HD 1080p Resolution: Because our external digital media players are optimized for high-performance graphics and boast full HD resolution, they enable you to show images and videos in rich colour and vivid detail.

Integrated Mounting System: With an LG external media player featuring an integrated mounting system, you can easily secure your player and create a clean, functional space.

Content Options: External media players support a wide range of content types – making it easy to share static messages, short films, commercials, directional information, movies and more.

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