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A whole new display has arrived on the big screen:
OLED TV, the future of television, is now a reality.
Say hello to LG OLED TV, that redefines
television and recreates reality with perfection.

Meet the display of your dreams.

It's All Possible

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Let your TV be a design item for your elegantly furnished room.
From a concept never before tried and never before possible, your TV and its content
will be miraculously transformed into a work of art. The Art Frame design decorates both your TV and your living room with a touch of class, making the most out of the OLED TV’s amazingly thin depth.

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Nothing will be as revolutionary as
the invention of TV except for
the world's first CURVED OLED TV.

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LG OLED TVs and CURVED OLED TVs drive the evolution of technology and design towards an exciting next generation in the TV market. Its 4 Color Pixel (WRGB) technology guarantees an amazingly immersive and comfortable viewing experience at home.  Learn More

LG OLED TVs feature a paper slim body, at 4.3mm thick, with cinematic-like curvature display allowing perfect pictures quality in life-like color and gives you wide angle immersive viewing experience.

With LG OLED TV’s curved designed display, it shows incredibly consistent contrast from anywhere avoiding contrast loss from the sides , the perfect display all around .

4 Color Pixel (WRGB) technology: Our OLED TV’s unique innovation of 4-Color Pixel technology relies on a white sub-pixel to perfect the color output, enhancing both color range and accuracy. From now on, users can enjoy picture colors of reality.

Crystal Stand: The LG CURVED OLED TVs innovation also present in its modern design crystal stand creating a delightful illusion of a floating screen. Making it stylish yet stunning to behold.

Clear Speaker: CURVED OLED TV has a 2 forward-facing thin ceramic film Clear Speakers, which are unobtrusively incorporated into the Crystal Stand to deliver flawless audio that produce elegant sound contributing to an all around cinema-like enjoyment

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  • 55EA9700


    Key Features

    • LG O'Black Infinite Contrast
    • 4 Color Pixel
    • Curved Screen
    • CINEMA 3D Smart TV


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