LG INTERACTIVE TV has been designed for hoteliers who are seeking to provide their guests with value added in-room services at minimum cost.

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Procentric V

With the Pro:Centric V hotel data broadcasting platform you can customize the guest experience quickly and easily. The collection, which includes a wide range of display screens and servers, is simple to install, simple to use and works together seamlessly. Learn More

Discover just a few of the features that make Pro:Centric V display screens among the best in the industry:

Remote Management: Because multiple Pro:Centric commercial screens can be managed and updated via a server and web-based editor, hoteliers can upload messages and change content quickly and easily.

A Variety of Sizes: Indoor and outdoor display screens are available in sizes ranging from 22 inches to 47 inches, offering a variety of options for virtually any setting.

Front LED Clock: Because LG’s Pro:Centric V display screens feature an integrated LED clock with an array of alarm functions, they provided added functionality when used in hotel rooms – and can help hoteliers save on purchasing separate alarm clocks. If the monitors are being used as outdoor display screens, this function can simply be turned off.

Lock Mode: When choosing commercial screens for settings where external input signals must be blocked, like prisons and mental hospitals, the display’s Lock Mode can easily be enabled.

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