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Side by Side Refrigerator / Linear Inverter Compressor – 10 Years Warranty

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Discover fridge freezers that are designed to suit your life and your style. Boasting a host of innovative features, our fridges can help you keep your favourite foods at their peak of freshness – and keep your kitchen looking its best. Learn More

Explore the LG fridge collection and find the option that’s right for you.

Side-by-Side: With a side-by-side door configuration, this type of fridge allows you to easily see all of your foods at once.

Bottom Freezer: These large-capacity fridges have the refrigerator door at eye level and feature a freezer door below, so the things you use most are always within reach.

Top Freezer: With the freezer on top, these classic LG fridges come with either a self-contained ice system or ice maker.

Multi-Door: Featuring two side-by-side refrigerator doors and one freezer drawer below, these innovative fridge freezers offer a convenient solution for busy families.

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