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Reliable Supremacy

Side by Side Refrigerator / Linear Inverter Compressor – 10 Years Warranty


  • Linear Compressor
  • Smart Door In Door
  • Hygiene Fresh
  • Pocket Handle


Inverter Linear Compressor

Inverter Linear Compressor

LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor technology enables its refrigerators to be industry leaders in energy savings1) longer freshness, noise levels, capacity and durability2). LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor efficiently controls cooling power and reduces internal friction. Changing from reciprocal to piston drive means optimal efficiency and big energy savings. Fewer friction points work to reduce noise levels significantly while enhancing the product’s durability, allowing LG to offer a 10 years warranty on LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor. Moreover, officially proven 20-year-durable lifespan realizes your peace-of-mind.

1.Compared to the refrigerator with LG conventional reciprocating compressor.
Based on VDE testing comparing energy consumption and noise level between LGE model GBB530NSCXE and GBB530NSQWB.
2.Based on VDE testing comparing the average abrasion rate of LG inverter Linear Compressor FLA150NBMA and LG reciprocating compressor CMA121NAEM.
The testing was conducted according to LG’s internal accelerated 20 year life-test protocol.
Abrasion rate is a result of average wear in dimensions of internal components of each compressor type.

High-class Durability

High-class Durability

You can have peace of mind with LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor that guarantees 10 year warranty. Now, LG also assures high-class durability based on the result of ‘accelerated 20-year lifespan test’ by VDE*.

*The VDE is the association for electrical, electronic and information technologies and their related sciences, technologies and applications.

Smart Door In Door

1. Save energy by decreasing the frequency of opening and closing of the main fridge doors
2. Grabbing frequently accessed food, drinks, snacks can’t be more convenient than this.
3. More ways to store your food – 2 times more space compared to the existing fridge home-bar
4. Minimal seamless design for perfection and simplicity .

Hygiene Fresh

Applying LG patent material which eliminates **99.99% bacteria, Hygiene Fresh filter delivers strong sterilization and deodorization performance with a 4 stage filtering system. So, it is effective in reducing dust, fungi spore, and harmful bacteria while deodorizing the inside of the refrigerator. **99.99%:tested by Intertek , ASTM E2149-10 TEST Protocol

Pocket Handle

These simple, sturdy handles can be easily grasped. They look lovely and fit with the clean line design of the refrigerator.

LED Light

LED are more durable from damage, and ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on-off cycling. They has extremely long life span and consume less energy while also emit less heat.

Moist Balance™ Crisper

It maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from the stored food is evaporated and then condensed, maintaining the correct balance in the air around the food.

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