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LG’s innovative Digital
Media Player

LG NA2100 Media Player & Software
offers system expansibility, multi-user
acces system and full version web editor

Slot Type Media Players

Play your media your way. With an LG slot media player, you can display static or rotating messages, branding videos, commercials, movies, music and more. Featuring innovative technology and sleek, slim designs, our internal media players are made for seamless integration. Learn More

Created for flexibility and reliability, LG slot media players offer a full range of innovative features, such as:

Media Options: Many of LG’s internal media players allow you to write/read content on Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs – offering you a range of options from a single media player.

LightScribe Technology. Available on select slot media players, LightScribe direct disc labeling gives you the ability to etch customized labels onto specially coated LightScribe disc (sold separately) – allowing all of your discs to have a sleek, professional look.

Serial ATA Interface: This evolutionary interface connects our internal media players to your PC’s motherboard, allowing for enhancements to the computing platform.

HD Images: When you choose a slot media player featuring Blu-ray technology, you can play content in full HD 1080p, resulting in vivid, richly detailed on-screen images.

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