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Warranty Info

Labor : 12 Months
Parts : 12 Months

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Manuals & Download

For the most accurate technical information regarding features, specifications, installation and operation of your LG product, including all Warranty Terms & Conditions, refer to the Owner's Manual and other documents available for this product.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or DjVu Reader installed on your Computer.

Use the links below to update.

Acrobat PDF (Get Acrobat Reader)

Filename Release Date Size
HONG KONG 03/07/2012 8,780K
Filename Release Date Size
ALGERIA 11/03/2013 2,858K
ARROW(SINGAPORE) 28/03/2013 7,488K
BRAZIL 10/05/2012 7,309K
CIS 15/03/2013 7,068K
CZECHO 07/01/2013 5,432K
FRANCE 13/06/2013 2,644K
GREECE 07/01/2013 4,395K
HONG KONG 03/07/2012 8,780K
INDIA 04/04/2013 2,162K
INDONESIA 17/09/2012 7,412K
IRAN 22/08/2012 2,538K
ITALY 07/01/2013 2,638K
MIAMI OPEN(PANAMA) 11/03/2013 2,389K
MOROCCO 26/09/2012 3,799K
NIGERIA 11/03/2013 6,482K
NIGERIA(EMAF_DIO) 11/03/2013 6,482K
POLAND 07/01/2013 3,650K
PORTUGAL 07/01/2013 3,618K
ROMANIA 07/01/2013 3,595K
THAILAND 12/11/2012 2,952K
TIM(BRAZIL) 30/07/2012 7,314K
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 17/12/2012 3,344K
VIETNAM 20/07/2012 4,304K
VIVO(BRAZIL) 10/10/2012 7,320K
step 1
step 1
step 1

Install the USB DRIVER

USB DRIVER for Windows Download

step 2
step 2
step 2

Install and Execute the LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL

Windows XP, Vista, and Win7

step 3
step 3
step 3

Connect your phone to PC by using the bundled USB Cable

step 4
step 4
step 4

Click “Start Updating” within the LG Mobile Support Tool to begin.

If your phone needs to upgrade, the “Start Updating “ button will be enable.

Trouble shooting Guide
Trouble shooting Guide

※ The phone software upgrade stopped before completion.

1. Don’t close the update tool, disconnect the cable and reconnect it. And check the USB Driver connection on your PC.
    After that, please restart the update.

2. Otherwise, please select “Customer Support” – “Recovery Phone” in LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL.
    Then, you can start to recover your phone.

OSP(On-Screen Phone)

LG On-Screen Phone is the service that allows you to view and manipulate your phone remotely via a PC, with the keyboard/mouse input from
the PC. You can also easily exchange data between the PC and your phone

* Download and run the file OSP



  • 1. You can write, send and receive messages(SMS or other messengers) via PC.
  • 2. You can transfer file contents in Gallery, Music, Video Player, Office Viewer in your phone to the PC by drag & drop.
  • 3. You can easily transfer files from the PC to your phone by dragging & dropping.
  • 4. You can get real-time event notification from the phone.
  • 5. You can see the whole pages of Home Screens in Panorama View. (Only with LG Home)
  • 6. Multi-touch input using keyboard/mouse.


  • Windows XP (SP3) 32bit /64bit, Windows Vista 32bit/64bit, Windows 7 32bit/64bit.
  • Warning : On Windows 2000 (sp4), you can run the program but some of the drivers may not work properly


  • 1. You can use LG On-Screen Phone Service only with the supported phones. [supported phone list]
  • 2. To use LG On-Screen Phone Service, you should connect your phone to PC via USB, Bluetooth™, or Wi-Fi.

LG PC Suite IV

The LG PC Suite IV is a program that helps you connect your mobile phone to a PC using a USB data communication cable or a Bluetooth
connection so that you can use the functions of the mobile phone on your PC

* Download and run the file LG PC Suite IV



  • Create, edit and delete phone data conveniently
  • Synchronize data from a PC and phone (Contacts, Calendar/Task, Memo)
  • Transfer multimedia files (photos, videos, music) conveniently with a simple drag & drop between a PC and phone
  • Transfer the messages from a phone to a PC
  • Synchronise mobile bookmarks to your mobile browser


  • OS: Windows XP 32bit (Service pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • CPU: 1 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
  • Graphics card: 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher and 32-bit color
  • Hard disc: Storage of 100 MB or higher (Additional space may be required for data).


  • To use the LG PC Suite IV, an LG mobile phone supporting it is required. Its detailed functions provided may also be different depending on the
    mobile phone model.

Warranty Info


Period of Coverage
Labor : 12 Months
Parts : 12 Months
Exception : Accessory warranty :
Charge - 6 Months
Battery - 6 Months
Handfree earphone - 3 Months
Warranty Policy : 1) LG Electornics Hong Kong Limited (hereafter LGEHK) provides warranty period from the date of purchase are as follows and only vaild for mobile purchase in Hong Kong only (any promotion gift item is not included): i) Handset : 12 months ii) Charger : 6 months iii)Battery : 6 months iv) Hand free earphone : 3 months 2) Warranty is valid only for authorized product; parallel import and counterfeit product are invalid. 3) Product is under warranty against manufacturing defects by reason of faulty workmanship or internal electronic parts materials. This warranty does not cover defects arising from natural wear of the product (Including casing, key pad, display, antenna, and accessories, etc.) 4) If check-up or repairing are required, customer must present the original invoice and warranty card on which the relevant IMEI number was printed. Upon any failure to present the above documentation, customer must pay for the costs of the services provided. 5) All parts replaced within the warranty period are the property of LGEHK. We have rights to handle those parts as necessary. 6) Data stored in handsets may be lost after the repair and thus should be properly stored by customer beforehand. 7) Warranty will be voided under the following conditions, and LGEHK reserves the right to refuse providing service and/or shall demand charges for any costs of servicing from customer: i) Product has been tampered with or undergone unauthorized repair by third parties, improper installation, alternation or modication to this product, or damage, tearing, remaval of the warranty sticker that is afxed to this product. ii) Defects arising from misuse, mishandling, abuse, accident, negligence and damage caused directly or indirectly by re, ood, liquid water, corrosion, convulsion of nature, wat, riot or civil commontion. iii) The IMEI number sticker on this product has been erased or modied. iv) The contect of warranty policy has been modied without authorization. 8) LGEHK is not responsible for any loss of data or system corruption during the process of transportation or repair to and from the Service Centre and due to the forces of nature. 9) LGEHK reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of this warranty card. For exceptional cases, subject to report of our investigation, we reserve the right to terminate this warranty card or modify terms of warranty policy. 10) Our company will not be liable for any loss firectly or indirectly caused by the breakdown of the product. 11) This warranty card is restricted within Hong Kong SAR only. 12) LG and its Authorized Service Centers reserve the right to use refurbished or reconditioned parts or whole products for the same or functionally equivalent model when conduction product repairs and replacement.

View detailed Warranty Policy information in the Owner's Manual

To claim the warranty, you can submit online a request for service or you can call us on (852) 3543-7777. Please have the serial number, IMEI Number of your product and proof of purchase ready. We may need these to give you the most accurate information.

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