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Strategic Alliances

LG Electronics is making technology advances and identifying business opportunities through various partnerships relationships with some of the world's leading companies.

LG Electronics is striving to become number one in the world by collaborating in various business and technology fields and by strategic alliances with world famous companies. "Strategic alliance between corporations," in which companies with different infrastructures cooperate in the fast-developing 21st century business field, is of key significance in terms of strengthening the existing and creating a new industry.

LG Electronics will do its best to create new products and services with an open mind, while developing new technologies and business fields through various partnerships with some of the world's most successful companies.

Collaboration on HSPA/LTE Communication Modems

LG Electronics and SIEMENS signed an MOU on joint development to build a technological and marketing partnership, and are collaborating to develop standard control solutions for commercial air conditioners.

Mobile Phone Lens Partnership

LG Electronics and Schneider established a partnership on mobile phone camera lenses. The two companies are collaborating on joint branding, technical certification, and joint development of technology.

Strengthening Strategic Relationship with GE

LG Electronics and GE agreed on technological cross licensing to share patents on kitchenware and refrigerators. LG is also producing washing machines and driers as an OEM through a partnership on sales and supply of home appliances.

Comprehensive Collaboration for Built-in Home Appliances in North America

Having agreed to further develop comprehensive collaboration for built-in home appliances in the North American market, LG Electronics and Viking will establish their strategic alliance exchange of technical expertise.

Premium VOD Video on Demand Service on Broadband TV

LG Electronics plans to launch a premium VOD (video on demand) service on broadband TV for the first time in Europe through the strategic alliance with Maxdome, the largest online video store in Germany.

Comprehensive Alliance in 3DTV and 3D Broadcasting Areas

LG Electronics and Skylife have been collaborating in a variety of areas, including products and technology standardization related to 3DTV and 3D broadcasting, production and global marketing of 3D content, and the bundled sales of 3DTV with 3D broadcasting.

LG Electronics Established a Joint Venture with Hitachi in the Optical Storage Industry

LG Electronics, which is Number 1 in the world in the optical storage industry, estab- lished a joint venture with Hitachi — a company known for it's advanced technology. Hitachi-LG Data Storage is responsible for R&D and for marketing products manufac- tured by LG Electronics. Hitachi is a leader in the optical storage industry based on its advanced technology and favorable position in the market.

Collaboration for Windows - based Smart Devices

In addition to the release of a smartphone based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5, LG Electronics have been expanding its collaboration with Microsoft, developing Windows 7-based smart devices in the laptop, MID and digital TV fields. The two companies are also working together closely for PC, digital TV, and mobile phone convergence.

Platform & Software

Through the strategic alliance for platforms and software applications used in their mobile phones, laptops and digital TVs, LG Electronics and Intel are looking to gain an early edge in the TV/Internet convergence and broadband markets.


LG Electronics and SUN are developing Java platforms that will enable LG mobile phones and digital TVs to use a wider range of applications.

LG Electronics has established strategic relationships in technology and marketing fields with many global companies such as Intel, Google, Yahoo, Dolby, Adobe, H.G. Ibrahim Shaker , Arcelik and Symbian for reasons of global compatibility and synergy, and tries to extend its territory into the global market.