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LG Twin Tube Washing Machine

Mesin Cuci LG Twin Tube 10 Kg


  • Roller Jet
  • Punch +3
  • Wind Jet Dry


Roller Jet

3 Dimension washing system that maximize washing performance, reduce clothes tangling and smooth & clean like ‘Hand-Washing.

Punch +3

Punch +3

“Punch+3” features one main pulsator and three mini pulsators around. The punch action creats three powerful streams of water which move repeatedly the laundry up and down in the drum ensuring that the tough soil is removed from your laundry. This unique structure of pulsator brings optimal washing action to your washer.

Wind Jet Dry

Wind Jet dry so fresh, ready to Iron and wear

- Reduce remainning moisture inside of washing machine and on the laundry
- By tub spinning, air comes into the tub and is circulated which removes water
- Circulation of air through air vents dries washing tub after finishing washing program in a short time
- To keep inner tub from getting moldy caused by remaining moisture

3 Programs (Gentle, Normal, Strong)

Crystal Panel

Chrome Knob

Overflow Filter

Plastic Body

Soak Function (Increase Washing Performance)

Desain, Fitur dan Spec dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan awal.

LG Semi Auto/Twin Tube washing machine 10 Kg

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