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G3 Stylus has greater value than having a pen.
On top of having a pen, it comes with the 5.5” display that is enough for any task.

A better way to note at a smarter price
LG G3 Stylus

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Amazing performance of camera embedded in compact design
enables you to capture the right moment at right time with just one tap

Compact, simple, and swift.
LG G3 Beat

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Put your sense of fashion on display with LG's new L Bello.
Enjoy uncompromising performance that's beautifully
hidden within the polished contours of the premium design.
Now, Seize the perfect pair of function and fashion at a practical value.

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The new L Fino delivers optimal picture taking to your fingertips.
If you love sharing your memorable moments through SNS,
L Fino is the smart phone that will fulfill your heart's desire.

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Shape Your Experience

Curve is the natural shape of the world around you,
and now it is redefining the shape of a smartphone.


Introducing the new LG G Pro Lite, greatness you can hold. Discover a breathtakingly large view on the 5.5” True Color IPS Display that delivers vivid colors and stunningly realistic picture. Equally impressive as its sweeping view, is its advanced battery endurance and one-of-a-kind style. G Pro Lite, making everything you do larger than life.

Now It's All Possible.


Semua Mobile Phone

Mencari model handphone yang stylish dengan teknologi terkini atau handphone sliding paling tipis ber-keyboard QWERTY? Anda bisa memilih jajaran LG Optimus dari LG, ponsel Android berkemampuan luar biasa untuk kemudahan aktivitas dan hiburan Anda.Temukan ponsel LG yang sesuai kebutuhan Anda. Lebih Lengkap

Pelajari handphone LG dengan berbagai fitur unggulannya:

Carrier: LG hadir di hampir semua provider layanan telekomunikasi di Indonesia.

Mobile: Akan mendeteksi provider layanan komunikasi Anda.

Function: HP touch screen atau LG QWERTY, pilih sesuai kebutuhan Anda.

Camera: Fitur kamera memudahkan Anda mengabadikan momen-momen penting dan membaginya ke orang lain.

Full Web Browsing: Mudahnya koneksi internet dengan GPRS/3G atau wireless, kapan saja dan di mana saja.

Lihat Semua Hapus Semua
Lihat Semua Hapus Semua

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