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Loncat ke Isi


  • 84UB980T

Fitur Kunci

  • 4K Picture
  • IPS 4K
  • 4K 3D+
  • LG Smart+ TV
  • ULTRA Real Sound

4K Resolution

A new standard of high definition raises the viewing bar higher than ever. 4K resolution is the future of digital picture, attaining a resolution four times that of Full HD, with a stunning 8.3 million pixels for flawless picture and incredibly vivid detail.

True 4K Engine Pro

True 4K Engine Pro creates vivid 4K pictures and the sophisticated algorithm of the engine brings low resolution images even closer to 4K quality. LG ULTRA HD TV with its powerful engine will thoroughly satisfy the viewer with flawless detail, lifting the standard of visual display yet higher.


The panel is the key factor of the TV screen, determining the quality of the TV. The IPS 4K Panel is known for its quality and reliability by professionals in the display industry, and it will deliver every color from any angle no matter what you watch.

Wide Viewing Angle

No matter from where you watch, enjoy more professional-grade color. The IPS 4K Panel shows the most consistent color and contrast from every seat in your house.

Wide Viewing Angle

Stable Screen

Knock it to know it. The IPS 4K Panel can recover faster than
competing panels because of their unique structure. Just
try a simple knock or poke at the screen to check the
IPS 4K Panel for yourself.

Stable Screen

4K 3D+

ULTRA HD comes alive in 4K 3D+. The world's most comfortable 3D is also the sharpest 3D in 4K resolution.With its quadrupled resolution, the 3D images are more splendid than ever and the realism more lively than ever.

LG Store

Live TV programs, VOD, 3D Contents, Apps, Recommended Content - All in one place. LG Store offers you a one stop location for all available entertainment. Find everything you need here, and better yet, see what LG recommends to you. Roll through the newest and most suitable content just for you at LG Store.

LG Store

Fun Setup

From the very first moment you meet your Smart TV, webOS is there to make it easy and fun. Don't be entangled in complex, discouraging set up processes that may reduce your desire to use a smart TV. Instead, let Bean Bird help you through the simple and fun process step by step, getting you off to a great start with your new Smart TV.

Fun Setup
Magic Remote

Magic Remote

Universal Control, Pointing, Wheel, and Voice – the most convenient and advanced TV remote.

Universal Control : Control and access your set-top box, speakers, BDP, and even satellite TV with a single remote, a one-stop solution for maximum convenience.

Pointing: Just point and click--a smart remote for your Smart TV.

Wheel: Scroll up and down, zoom in and out with a wheel - just like using a computer mouse.

Voice: Speak to your remote to find what you want.

ULTRA Real Sound

The sounds of LG ULTRA HD TV are just as impressive as its visual power. With the full impact of a multi channel, forward-facing speaker system, it is essentially a sound bar within a TV. Its immersive sound will be more noticeable than ever even when compared to its stunning picture quality.

Multi-Channel Speaker

With a built-in forward-facing, multi-channel speaker system, you’ll now enjoy truly powerful room-filling sound for a more immersive entertainment experience that blends beautifully with the brilliant ULTRA HD visual.

Multi-Channel Speaker

ULTRA Surround

With incredible feats of technology, ULTRA Surround can provide effective surround sound as if from seven different directions. The multi-channel surround sound will engulf you from top to bottom, left and right, front and center.

ULTRA Surround

Sound Designed by harman/kardon

LG’s premium TV series boasts highly refined sound quality, realized in collaboration with harman/kardon, the leading audio solution in the industry. Satisfy your eyes and your ears with a picture-perfect viewing experience made possible by LG.

Sound Designed by harman/kardon

Triple XD Engine

LG's latest and most advanced Triple XD Engine brings the highest level of excellence in color, contrast, and clarity for the best picture quality and performance.

Triple XD Engine


The built-in HEVC is the format that will be the future standard for 4K video compression. HEVC supports 4K video with 60 frames per second delivering clear and blur-free motions. Now you can enjoy 4K quality content via Internet streaming or USB without requiring support from any extra device.

Broadcasting System
Digital Yes
Resolution 3840 x 2160
BLU Type (Backlight ) LED EDGE
Motion Clarity Index (MCI) MCI 200
Dynamic Color Enhancer Yes
Triple XD Engine Yes
Resolution Upscaler (Plus/Basic) Plus
Picture Wizard III Yes
Just Scan (0% overscan) (HDMI/Component/RF) 2160p/1080i/1080p/720p
24p Real Cinema(24p 5:5/2:2 Pull down Mode) Yes
Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP) Yes
Dolby Digital Decoder Yes
Speaker System 84”/79”: 5.2Ch. Speaker System. 65”: 4.2Ch. Speaker System
Sound System Ultra Sound
Audio Output 98/84 :120W, 79 : 90W, 65 : 70W
Clear Voice II Yes
SoundMode 6 modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game, User setting)
CINEMA 3D ==========
3D Type (SG/FPR/AR/GPR/Non-Glass) FPR
2D to 3D/3D to 2D Convert Yes
3D Depth Control Yes. 0~+20 (default: 10)
View Point Control Yes. -10 ~ +10 (default: 0)
Dual Play / 3D Ready
3D ==========
Flicker Free Yes
Smart TV ==========
SmartHome Yes
Web Browser Yes
Network ==========
WiFi Ready / Built-in Yes (Built-in)
MHL & 2nd TV Ready Yes
Watch & Recording Yes
Audio Codec AC3(Dolby Digital), EAC3, HAAC, AAC, Mpeg, MP3, PCM, DTS
Subtitle for DivX (HD/SD) 15 Language (English, French, Spanish, Protuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Russian, Maori, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Thai, Hebrew, Arab, Korean)
Special ==========
Intelligent Sensor Yes
Smart Energy Saving Plus Yes
Set Side ==========
USB 2.0 Yes
USB 3.0 Yes
Set Rear ==========
RF In Yes
Component in (Y,Pb,Pr) + Audio Yes
Digital Audio Out (Optical) Yes (1 - Optical)
RS232C (Control / SVC) Yes
Smart TV
Operating System Web Os
Power Supply 100~240Vac 50-60Hz
Standby (Off mode) 0.3W
Weight (Kg) ==========
SET(w/ostand) 73.7
Included stand 77.7
Packing 93 kg
WxHxD (mm) ==========
SET 2024 x 1172 x 342
Packing 2158 x 1244 x 330

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