How Are Direct Drive Washing Machines Better Than Conventional Machines?

What Are the Differences Between Direct Drive and Conventional Washing Machines?

Direct Drive washing machines have a powerful and reliable motor that boasts minimised vibration and noise, and reduced energy consumption. Conventional washing machines with belts and pulleys tend to wear out faster due to vibration, and create unpleasant noise and power-loss due to friction.

What Are the Advantages of Direct Drive?

With a Direct Drive motor, there are fewer moving parts. This means less vibration and noise, increased efficiency, and a decreased chance of breakdown or brush and belt replacement.

What Is Direct Drive?

Direct Drive is state-of-the-art technology that integrates the washing machine’s motor, belt, and pulley into a single, quiet, and durable mechanism, attached directly to the drum.

How Does Direct Drive Technology Work?

A powerful and reliable motor delivers power directly to the drum.

What Are the Benefits of a Large Capacity Washing Machine?

A large capacity washing machine cuts down on the number of loads, while allowing you to wash larger items such as blankets or curtains. Also, with more space, your items will be less wrinkled.

What Is the Advantage of a Large Washing-Machine Door?

With their wide, 30cm porthole and 180º swing doors, LG washing machine doors make it east to load and unload large items.

What Is the “Intelligent Washing System”?

Once you’ve selected a programme and pressed the start button, the Intelligent Washing System detects the load size, selects the water temperature, and determines the optimum water level and cycle time, keeping water and energy consumption to a minimum.

What Is “Shower Spray”?

LG washing machines are equipped with a circulating shower function called Shower Spray. A pump under the drum sprays water from the top during washing and rinsing cycles, to improve detergent dispersion.