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Gamer's Version Of No. 1 Computer Monitor

Gamer’s version of
“No.1 Computer Monitor”*

With advanced features like FOV and FreeSync experience the new level of immersion in graphic-intensive games.

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For Creative Professionals Digital Cinema 4K monitor

For Creative Professionals
Digital Cinema 4K monitor

Convey the creative’s originality,
just the way it was captured.

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The Best Gaming Monitor for FPS Game

Higher speed to kill more counterparts Better visility to find enemies faster
Rapid setting for the perfect gaming experience
Now meet the Gaming Monitor to WIN.

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LG Chromebase

LG Chromebase

The LG Chromebase uses the speed,
simplicity and security of Chrome OS
to power an all-in-one device with a
brilliant, wide screen.

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Which LG computer monitors meet all of your needs? With so many to select from, you can browse our computer monitors by preferences, such as size and display type, to find the one for you. Learn More

Learn more about some of the features on select LG computer monitors:

LED backlit technology: Enjoy amazing brightness, clarity and colour, as well as one of the most energy efficient computer monitors.

In Plane Switching (IPS): IPS controls the liquid crystal display to help keep distortion at a minimum and allows you to view images on LG computer monitors with LCD at virtually any angle.

Full HD 1080p: With double the pixel resolution, LG computer monitors with full HD offer a highly superior picture quality over standard monitor resolution.

Form and Function: Sleek and slim with a host of features, all of our computer monitors take up less space, and are designed to look good both on and off.

Energy Efficiency: LG creates products that run more efficiently in an effort to save the consumer money and reduce the impact on the environment. Choose computer monitors that conserve both in standby and active modes.

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