Analog Cameras

LG offers diverse analog camers box,dome,PTZ which allows the high resolution images to be viewed in diverse environments.

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Analog Cameras

Keep an eye on your business, even while you’re away. With analog video cameras from LG, you can monitor your office’s most sensitive areas, your building’s perimeters, parking lots and more Learn More

From comprehensive security camera systems to individual analog cameras, LG offers an array of options with all the latest features, including:

Image Enhancement Technology: From backlight compensation, exposure control and white balance, to sharpness and digital zoom, our analog CCTV camera systems allow you to get the clearest image possible.

Vari-focal Lenses: An analog camera with a vari-focal lens will automatically adjust the angle and video quality to match the environment, ensuring that you always receive the optimal image.

Auto-tracking: Designed for unmanned surveillance, analog video cameras outfitted with this option will automatically capture images of a dynamic object and follow its movement throughout the area.

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