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Concealed Duct

Hidden in the ceiling, this product is suitable for applications that require floor level or individual level air conditioning for buildings where there are many rooms or halls. Installation is not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure, and interior renovation is made easy with the installation of various ventilation diffusers.

Ceiling Concealed Duct AC

Ceiling Concealed Duct AC

Life is a little more quiet, economical, and comfortable thanks to LG Ceiling Concealed Duct AC. Get the advanced technology you need and find the ideal solution for hidden comfort in your house, hotel, office or shop. Learn More

When you choose an LG Ceiling Concealed Duct AC, you'll get features like:

A Varity of Remotes: LG provides a wired remote – or optional wireless remote controller for different applications.

Self-diagnosis Function: This function senses a problem and diagnoses the unit – displaying an error code on the remote controller.

Auto Restart Function: If there is a power outage while the equipment is operating, the unit will restart in the same mode as before the outage when electricity is restored.

Group Control: This enables you to link several products together and control several Ceiling Concealed Duct ACs with one device.

E.S.P (External Static Pressure) Control: This technology helps reduce the cost of installation. You can select your desired air flow by adjusting the phase motor during installation, giving you more flexibility when setting up your Ceiling Concealed Duct AC.

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