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Clarity Beyond Reality

Clarity Beyond Reality

Full HD Display with Netcast (Broadband)

Commercial Display

Take your company to the next level our wide range of stylish, efficient commercial display solutions. From commercial TVs and video conference call systems to security cameras packed with surveillance functions – LG commercial display products have you covered. Learn More

Discover the right business solution to meet your company’s needs. LG offers a wide range of commercial display options to help you work quickly and efficiently, including:

Commercial TVs: Our full-HD commercial LCD displays offer deep, rich colours and crystal-clear images for optimal viewing in a wide array of settings, including hotels, restaurants, salons and offices.

Commercial Monitors: With large-format display monitors and TV screens by LG, you can create one-of-a-kind commercial displays and signage. Available in a range of sizes, our HD and commercial LCD display monitors offer innovative business solutions for offices, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, theatres and more.

Projectors: Discover corporate solutions that will take your presentations to the next level. Designed to offer crisp, clear images, our simple-to-operate, ultra-quiet projectors can help you captivate audiences at the office and on the go.

Video Conference Call Systems: Connect with business associates across town and around the world. With our sleek, sophisticated video conference call systems, you can host face-to-face discussions about the issues and opportunities of the day – without ever leaving your office.

Security: Keep an eye on your business. With state-of-the-art security cameras, monitors and video servers from LG, you can seamlessly implement a security system without interfering with your building’s aesthetic.

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