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47 LT740H

LED Hotel Interactive TV

Premium Solution

47 LT740H

  • LED Hotel Interactive TV
  • Inbuilt STB/AP integrated solution
  • DVB T/C
  • Digital clock


LED Hotel Interactive TV

LG Hotel TV offers many Hotel Mode attractive feature and functions e.g. power on status, remote key lock etc.

Inbuilt STB/AP integrated solution

No extra set-top box or messy cables are necessary for interaction via the server. Improve the interior in your hotel and simplify things with a STB integrated TV from LG.


LG Commercial Plus TV support Analogue and The Built-in Digital Tuner enables the TV to receive DVB-T/C signals for outstanding picture quality.

Digital clock

The integrated LED clock has an array of alarm functions that are useful for guests, yet introduces cost savings for hoteliers as there is no need to supply a separate alarm clock.

Hybrid streaming

Transmit data over coaxial cable or data cable.

Variable Speaker Out

By adding an additional speaker, guests can immerse themselves in pristine sound wherever they choose. Even if they’re in the bathroom, guests can hear and control the TV sound as if it were next to them. Perfect for music.

USB Direct Recording

Direct FM/CD Audio Recording to USB , Now record your favorite songs playing from FM or CD to your USB memory stick. The USB direct recording transfers Analog recording to 192 kbps MP3 Files

Central USB cloning

LG USB Cloning feature clone and Upgrade settings from one Hotel TV to all Hotel TV's Just by copying to USB.USB Mode Feature make the content sharing easy and convenient ( Content: Video, JPEG, Mp3) through EZ manager software.

Design, feature and specifications mentioned on website are subject to change without notice. It is recommended to experience the product in actual at LG store nearby your location and take demo of product & its features from LG representative.

LG Interactive Hospitality solution Pro:Centric P, Finest & Smartest mode to customize & control Hotel TV.

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47 LT740H

47 LT740H