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Amazing performance of camera with Laser
Auto Focus embedded in compact design
enable you to capture right moment at
right time with just one tap

Compact, simple,and swift.
LG G3 Beat.

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LG G3 – Simple is the New Smart

LG G3 – Simple is the New Smart

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Capture See Believe

Capture See Believe

Capture life’s adventures in high-definition detail… Unleash a world of excitement right before your eyes - where colors are brighter, music is louder, and memories are sharper.LG G Pro2 is made to make every day extraordinary. With a larger screen, vibrant pixel quality, and incredible experience features, see more of your story unfold. Life is your adventure, and G Pro2 is happy to help seize it.

LG L90 Dual

Discover greater freedom as you knock
anywhere on the screen to unlock. With a
few simple taps, skip the lock screen and
directly access the home screen.

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LG G Flex

World’s First Curved Flexing Smart Phone with the World’s First Curve Battery and the Immersive POLED Technology.

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Thank You India!

Thank You India!

Learning From You,
has made us the best.
Now It’s All Possible!

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Live in Greatness

Introducing the new LG G Pro Lite, greatness you can hold. Discover a breathtakingly large view on the 5.5 True Color IPS Display that delivers vivid colors and stunningly realistic picture. Equally impressive as its sweeping view, is its advanced battery endurance and one-of-a-kind style. G Pro Lite, making everything you do larger than life.
Now It's All Possible.

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The slimmest and fastest Nexus smartphone ever made, powered by the new Android™ 4.4, KitKat®.

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Feature Phones

LG feature phones with advanced features like full QWERTY keypads and latest connectivity options like Bluetooth, high resolution cameras and vibrant screens makes your everyday communications a pleasure. Learn More

Expect the best of connectivity options that technology has to offer in the most stunning of form factors and colours. LG feature phones have a host of optimized options for you to connect, work and have fun! Here is a glimpse of what the new breed of feature phones from LG have in store for you:

Seamless Connectivity: Hold the phone in hand and you are good to connect with your friends over the internet on your favourite social media platform. Sharing photos, songs and digital content with these amazingly simple phones have never been easier.

Smart Camera: Snap pictures with the inbuilt camera and share rich images directly on to a social website wirelessly or transfer it locally with Bluetooth with just a few button clicks!

Full QWERTY keyboards: Enjoy the comfort and speed of typing emails and messages over a complete keypad on the new range of LG feature phones.

Powerful Email: Read, write and manage your corporate and personal emails from the easy to use email client on board. Stay in touch with the world with powerful emails on the go!

1-Click Access: Apps on LG feature phones let you customize remainders, set alarms, follow the latest news and manage your life in just 1 click!

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