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Guaranteed cool fresh air at all times

Guaranteed cool fresh air at all times

High efficiency heat exchanger, Zero standby power consumption, Sound arresting blocking effect



Get guaranteed cool, fresh air at all times with an Heat Recovery Ventilation System from LG. Our HRV system, the LG ecoV, modulates the temperature and humidity of incoming fresh air to match indoor conditions. Learn More

Choose a high-efficiency HRV system from LG and enjoy features like:

High efficiency Heat Exchanger: Efficiency and comfort is ensured by the high-efficiency HRV central core, which recovers energy from the indoor air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air without mixing airstream.

Flexibility of Installation: It's possible to install the opposite direction of upper and lower part. It only needs the one inspection hole.

Auto Operation: Automatically sets air conditioner temperature and fan speed for three levels of comfort.

Easy Cleaning and Changing Filter: Door-attached side panel and slide-removable Enthalpy heat exchanger filter on the HRV system can be changed without additional maintenance.

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