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Need to see clear image in Dark

Need to see clear image in Dark

LG designed the IR LED camera to make a differentiation in the IT market providing quality and stability to be able to see in the dark.

IR Cameras

With IR cameras from LG, you’ll enjoy crisp, clear images in low- to no-light situations. Shed some light on your security goals with an IR dome cameras and other innovative solutions from LG. Learn More

See in the dark with IR CCTV cameras and other innovative security cameras from LG. You’ll find fixed and IR dome cameras with features like:

Ample viewing ranges: Making use of IR LED's excellent performance, IR cameras boast wide-reaching surveillance. Furthermore, the highly durable LED provides a long lifespan and strong stability.

Even in pitch-black darkness, monitoring is possible: High-performance IR cameras excel in low-light environments, allowing you to distinguish objects using infrared rays.

High-quality images in and out of the light: With an improved image sensor and a powerful processing system, in color mode, excellent resolution is possible during the day, and night.

Vari-focal lens creates the best surveillance environment: By embedding vari-focal lens, you can adjust the angle and video quality to match the environment, for the optimal image.

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