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The Best HVAC & Energy<br>Solution Provider

The Best HVAC & Energy
Solution Provider

LG sets the standards for air conditioning
technology and covers entire market with a full
lineup of innovative products.

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Multi V IV AC

Multi V iv AC

LG’s Multi V Series includes features that will benefit your next project requirement; including, DC Inverter Compressors and fan motors, black box function, fault detection and diagnosis, night quiet operation and pump down. Learn More

More Efficiency:

Up to 25% increase in efficiency, lowering energy consumption.

More Space Saving:

The product footprint is reduced by up to 38%, saving valuable space.

More Reliability:

FFD (Fault Detection & Diagnosis): Automatic test run function, refrigerant amount check, real-time inspection and back up operation maximises the reliability of the product and minimizes installation & maintenance time.

More Flexibility:

Multi V III offers a large capacity of up to 56kW/unit with a maximum static pressure of 80Pa on the outdoor unit. The modules can be combined freely giving you the perfect solution for any project.

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  • Multi V IV Heat Pump

    Multi V IV Heat Pump

    Key Features

    • HiPORTM High Pressure Oil Return
    • Vapor Injection
    • Active Refrigerant Control
    • Fast Heating and Cooling via Advanced Inverter
    • Wide Operation Range
    • Fan with Less Noise and Higher Air Volume


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