LG launches 55-inch Curved OLED TV in India for Rs. 9,99,000

  • Updated
  • 24/12/2013

LG just launched their first Curved OLED TV in an event in New Delhi, India. The Curved OLED TV was first unveiled at the CES 2013 earlier this year. At the event, they also showcased their first curved OLED flexing smartphone LG G Flex. The curved display from LG is the first of its kind and according to LG, it is the result of years of research and innovation. They are also very hopeful that this will be the future of TVs. We will have to wait a long time to see that happen.

The Curved OLED TV from LG comes in a huge size of 55inches and is fully compatible with full cinema 3D support. LG’s Curved OLED display comes with a unique 4 color pixel rendering which it calls as WRGB technology. In addition to the curved nature of the display, some of the salient features include excellent viewing angles thanks to the curved nature of the display, vivid colors and being an OLED display, offers infinite contrast. Complementing the exceptional display are the thin two channel ceramic film speakers that ensure crystal clear audio output. The Curved LG TV comes with a Magic Remote that has features like Gesture, Pointing, Wheel, Voice, and Universal Control; which is the most convenient and advanced TV remote according to LG.

The LG Curved OLED 55EA9800 will be available in India for Rs. 9,99,000.