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Small But Powerful Portable LED Projector

Wireless LED MiniBeam


  • DLP (0.45")
  • WXGA(1280x800)
  • HD DivX
  • File(Office) Viewer
  • WiDi



Portable style with compact design

Portable style with compact design

It's not just portable, but fashionable. The MiniBeam's award-winning design is handy, compact, light, and stylish. Weighing 2.98lbs(1.35kg) and sized at 230(W) x 170(D) x 44(H)mm, bring it to anywhere - to outdoor parties or camping trips, for light, portable use - that's small and easy to carry. Place it in your living room, bedroom or household and the MiniBeam blends in where you need it, and stands out when you use it. The MiniBeam's lighting touch UI replaces pushing buttons and reacts to the slightest touch, providing beautiful glows when you touch and durability when you travel.

A long-lasting LED

A long-lasting LED

The MiniBeam’s LED is durable, vivid, environment-friendly, and more convenient than bulky conventional lamps. The LED lasts for 30,000 hours. Don't worry about changing the lamp - the MiniBeam lasts for 20 years, at 4 hours a day. The LED’s enhanced color sense provides a broad spectrum of color expression. The MiniBeam is environmentally friendly with no harmful mercury inside, and uses less electricity. Power up the MiniBeam and within 5 seconds reach maximum brightness. The MiniBeam's lower heat emittance allows you to turn it off quickly without a cooling process. No more waiting for great quality.

Sharp picture with clear sound

Sharp picture with clear sound

With its brightness of 700 ANSI, WXGA (1280x800) native resolution, and contrast ratio of 15,000:1, the MiniBeam brightens your living room, turning it into a powerful private theater. Enjoy crisp sound with its built-in 2 x 3W speaker, which provides Dolby sound, or plug into additional speakers. Bring a powerful entertainment experience with you to the party with the MiniBeam.

Excellent connectivity

Excellent connectivity

With the MiniBeam connect in every way possible. Pop in a thumb drive directly into the MiniBeam and project your favorite movies without a PC. The MiniBeam provides USB Host including DivX, MP3, Photo and Office file viewer. Connect smart devices with real time mirroring of data through Wireless Display. You can also view documents and PDF files through an embedded Office file viewer for your presentation. Gamers everywhere can enjoy the MiniBeam by projecting their games through the HDMI port and thrill their friends for a new gaming experience.


No need to crowd around the small screen. Share your content from your WiDi PC or laptop without wires. Being able to make edits to content on your laptop while it's up on the big screen is great for working on group presentations.

File(Office) Viewer

File viewer function enables you to show Powerpoint, Word, Excel,& PDF file by simply inserting USB memory directly.

Green Technology(Mercury - Free)

LED Projector has an incredibly low power consumption-80W and contains no hazardous materials(mercury free).

Instant Power

Instant power at the touch of button, Full brightness within 5 seconds and power down within 5 seconds.

Superior Color and Image Quality

LED lights increase the color range by 14% and deliver a deeper color saturation, LED lights eliminate motion blur and color breaks.

VIDI Technology

VIDI technology enhanced video perfomance DLP in terms of color expression, gamma, & dithering noise, and offers vivid picture quality without color distortion, it enables you to have an impressive presentation too.

Expert Color Management

This function allowes the user to separately control the gain (contrast), Saturation, and the color of tone of red, green , blue, cyan, magenta & yellow.

Brilliant Color

Brilliant color Technology provides increased brightness in non-primary colors and boosts overall color intensity by amplifying mid-tone color.

HD DivX Player via USB 2.0

Without laptop or media device, you can play movie, picture & music files through USB.

Design, feature and specifications mentioned on website are subject to change without notice. It is recommended to experience the product in actual at LG store nearby your location and take demo of product & its features from LG representative.

Choose from ultra-slim compact LG projectors that travel easily or an array of other options that offer the most intense colors, sharpest images and smartest features.

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