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Life's Good when you get healthy surprises

659 Litres, Wonder Door, Health Guard™, Inverter Linear Compressor with 10 Years Warranty, Non-Plumbing Water & Ice Dispenser & Wooden Finish


  • Wonder Door
  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Health guard
  • Non Plumbing Water and Ice Dispenser




Design innovation meets cutting edge technology. Presenting Health Guard™ in the new LG Side by Side refrigerator with Wonder Door. It's 4-Step Air Purification system protects and keeps food healthy and hygienic. It removes 99.99%* Bacteria, Dust, Fungi Spore and Odor. Bring home one and enjoy healthy surprises.

* 99.99%: Bacteria tested by Intertek, 2010 & Kitasato, 2011, ASTM E2149-10 test protocol. Eliminates 4 most common known disease spreading bacteria in the world.

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