Enjoy Health Every Moment

335 Litres 5 Star Frost Free Refrigerator with Green Ion Door Cooling Technology


  • Green Ion Door Cooling
  • 5 Star Rating
  • Convertible Box
  • New Durachill




10 Year Warranty

Lets your celebration of health and freshness continue for a decade. The good life just got better as LG now gives you a 10 year warranty on compressor of the refrigerator. Find more reasons to smile with an expert to rely on, time and after.

Tower LED

Brighter, durable, cooler and energy efficient light. And you contribute to a greener planet for years.

Ever Fresh Zone

A special large fresh zone with Moist Balance Crisper and Humidity Controller that keeps vegetables fresh.

Salad Bar

Storing Salad and Cut Fruits was never so easy. Just place them and enjoy them as fresh as when you cut them. What’s more, you can keep your soft vegetables also in the specially designed boxes safely.

Convertible Box

A separate compartment in which you can store and control the temperature of veg or non-veg items by adjusting the lever to the left side for fresh fruits and vegetables and right side for non veg items. It also stores 70% more vegetables.

Bottle Rack

A foldable rack in the refrigerator which looks elegant and provides optimum storage space for more bottles. It’s a boon during those hot summer days when you need to store more water, juice and cold drinks in the refrigerator.

Fast freezing Zone

A specially designed zone in the freezer section helps you enjoy frozen delights even faster.

New Durachill

Maintains optimum cooling inside the refrigerator upto 10 hrs* even during power cuts. Also, its unique placement on the freezer top provides uniform cooling with a shower effect.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

This 5 Star LG Frost Free refrigerator features Green Ion Door Cooling Technology, Health Guard, E-Micom, Convertible Box, Tower LED, Ever Fresh Zone with moist balance crisper & humidity controller and New Durachill that keeps your food fresher for a longer time. It has the ability to work without a stabilizer and sports a high gloss finish

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