Life's Good when your world is healthy.

377 Litres 3 Door Frost Free Refrigerator. with a separate veg box and vita light Protects & Keeps food healthy.


  • Separate Veg Compartment
  • Green Ion Door Cooling
  • LED Light
  • Fruit Box




Separate Veg Compartment

A separate compartment which not only provides you organized storage of Vegetables but also ensures freshness through a unique Vita-light kit.

Green Ion Door Cooling

Green Ion Door Cooling technology takes LG Refrigerators to the next unmatched level in cooling technology. Green Ions fight bacteria, eliminate bad odour and slow the decaying of food. Door Cooling maintains uniform temperature through various ducts present throughout the refrigerator. So, you get pure and fresh air, which preserves nutrition and keeps your food fresh for long.

LED Lighting

LED lighting that helps save energy(77% reduction) and are more durable(26.6 times) than a conventional lamps.Also LED are extremely suitable for devices with on-off func.They emit less heat so do not increase temprature.

Fruit Box

This specially designed box lets you store your fruits in the most healthy & organized way.

Vita Light

This unique feature has been designed to keep food and vegetables fresh by replicating the process of photosynthesis. The Green and White LED lights that facilitate this process help preserve the nutrients and moisture

catechin deodorizer

Catechin is known to slow the process of ageing and is highly effective in restraining the spoilage of food.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

LG’s new 3 Door refrigerator with a separate Veg Box which doesn’t require you to open the main refrigerator door each time. The separate veg box maintains the freshness of veggies by preventing any odor rub off from other items in the refrigerator. Prevents cooling loss as the main refrigerator door need not be opened every time. Choose between 2 stylish designs that sets you apart.

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