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Easy Access For Your Convenience

Door-in-Door Inverter Linear Compressor, Multi Air Flow, Plumbing Dispenser


LG GR J297WSBN Wonder Door Refrigerator

  • Door-in-Door
  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Hygiene Fresh
  • Water and Ice Dispenser
  • Digital Multi Sensors
  • Express Freezing




Inverter Linear Compressor

Inverter Linear Compressor

At the heart of the refrigerator is a quiet and efficient compressor. It keeps noise to a minimum and helps the environment by using less energy. And comes with a 10 year warranty. Up to 32% energy saving / 25% less noise.


This unique LG Door-in-Door helps easy access to your favourite beverages & food items by just opening the Door-in-Door. Door-in-Door besides providing easy access help in saving energy as the main door does not need to be opened again and again.

Hygiene fresh

Keeps Food Healthy & Hygienic by a Unique 4 Step Air Purifying System that eliminates 99.99% Bacteria ,Dust, Fungi Spore & Odor.

Water and Ice Dispenser

Make a choice between ice or water by simply pressing the button on the Soft – Touch Control Pad. And in case you want water, the LG’s tall Water Dispenser allows you to fill larger vessels. Enjoy the options at your fingertips.

Digital Multi Sensors

Digital sensors monitor and respond to warm food and open door instanlty, so the interior temperature remains desirable.

Express Freezing

Express freezing at your fingertips. It will be turned off automatically when the fixedtime passes.

Exterior LED Display

Exterior LED Display

Door Mounted Ice Maker

Door Mounted Ice Maker

Design, feature and specifications mentioned on website are subject to change without notice. It is recommended to experience the product in actual at LG store nearby your location and take demo of product & its features from LG representative.

842 Litres, Door-in-Door, Health Guard™, Inverter Linear Compressor with 10 Years Warranty & Noble Steel Finish

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