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For the most accurate technical information regarding features, specifications, installation and operation of your LG product, including all Warranty Terms & Conditions, refer to the Owner's Manual and other documents available for this product.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or DjVu Reader installed on your Computer. 

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Acrobat PDF (Get Acrobat Reader)

Filename Release Date Size
English 10/25/2011 5,676K

Software Upgrades include Device Drivers and Firmware Updates for specific Models only. Check the Owner's Manual for instructions as not all Models support downloadable software upgrades.

[Program/Win7_32bit] LG intelligent Update Program for LG Notebook (Ver 7.2PD)
[Program/Win7_32bit] LG intelligent Update Program for LG Notebook (Ver 7.2PD)
Filename Release Date Size 03/23/2012 18,991K
[Operating System(s)]
Windows 7

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LG intelligent Update Program

This is LG intelligent Update Program.

▶ Driver Ver. 7.2PD

[ Application model ]

. P420/PD420 Model
. Windows 7_32bit

[ Caution ]

※ LG Electronics recommend to use Windows 7.
Installation Other OS may cause functional problem, and it will not be covered by product warranty.

- If you install this driver to other product, it may cause functional defect, so,
please be make sure the "Applied Model".

- Installation process may be different according to user's environment.

[ Installation Process ]

1. Download file.
2. Extract file, and it will make folder.
3. Execute "LIU\Autoplay.exe" 

Warranty Info

View detailed Warranty Policy information in the Owner's Manual

To claim the warranty, you can submit a online request for service or you can call us on 18001809999. Please have the proof of purchase ready. We may need these to give you the most accurate information.


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