ENJOY Smart In 3D

Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED LCD TV in exquisite CINEMA SCREEN Design


  • Magic Remote (With Voice Recognition)
  • SmartShare™ (NFC Tag ON, Miracast™ , MHL, 2nd Display)
  • Time Machine II
  • Comfortable 3D Glasses




Magic Remoteicon

Pointing, Wheel, Gesture, and Voice – the most convenient and advanced TV remote.


Ultimate simplicity for complete and immersive viewing

We all know the best way to enjoy a movie is at the cinema, with its expansive & absorbing screen that has no frame, no obstruction… Now, there’s a TV that brings the same, cinematic viewing experience to your home, designed with pure inspiration and cutting-edge technology. It is time for design to come home.

Voice Recognitionicon

Communicate to your TV and enjoy interactive entertainment with Voice Recognition. The TV can understand your words and respond as you wish, enabling you to conveniently control and enjoy your TV.

Time Machine IIicon


WiFi Alliance certified Miracast™ allows you to enjoy easy and fast connection among TV, Smart phones, and Tablets without wires, enabling easy transfer and sharing of your digital contents right on the TV screen.

MHL (Mobile HD Link)icon

Connect and watch HD content from your phone on the TV’s large screen with your MHL cable and control it with the TV's Magic Remote. The phone is also charged while it is connected.

Tag Onicon

Sharing between your mobile device and your television has never been simpler with Tag On, a feature that allows mutual content sharing and mirroring by simply "tagging" the smartphone to an NFC sticker provided with the TV.

Comfortable 3D Glassesicon

Enjoy 3D wearing the most comfortable 3D glasses.
CINEMA 3D glasses are light, flicker-free, battery-free, hassle-free and economical, allowing for greater viewing comfort and convenience.

Dual Playicon

LG’s Dual Play function takes gaming with your friends to a new level of excitement.

Whereas conventional TVs relied on a split screen or separate sets for multi-player games, LG TVs with Dual Play function transmit two separate 2D images that can be seen through two different sets of polarized glasses. So when two players wear the glasses while playing games, they will each see a different image covering the entire screen.

2.1 Speaker Systemicon

Enjoy the richest sound as well as pictures.
With the 2.1 Speaker System, dual speakers with an added woofer produce explosively real sound of incredible depth and liveliness. Bring the cinema home with booming exhilaration.

Virtual Surround Plusicon

Virtual Surround Plus, mimicks surround sound while adding a top-down sound effect. This top-down effect gives the listener the sensation that sound is streaming from the ceiling right above them. With sound pouring in from nearly all directions a more realistic three dimensional sound can be experience.

3D Worldicon

Meet a wider and ever-expanding 3D world of entertainment at the tip of your remote.
LG’s 3D WORLD Card provides you with endlessly expanding 3D content, including movies, sports, music videos, educational clips, and more!

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

A creative piece of art with its expansive & absorbing screen that has no frame, no obstruction to bring that cinematic viewing experience to your home. Feature like Comfortable flicker free 3D, Dual Play along with unique smart magic remote and wireless connection options like NFC Tag ON, MiracastTM, 2nd Display etc. make it an impeccable package.

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