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An Easy solution for Vivid Conferencing

An Easy solution for Vivid Conferencing

Desktop All In One Type AVS2400


Connect with business associates across town and around the world. With our sleek, sophisticated video conferencing equipment, you can host face-to-face discussions about the issues and opportunities of the day – without ever leaving your office.LG VCS is an easy solution to vivid conferencing. Now, you can be supported with LG VCS, which promises a successful business. Learn More

Find video conferencing solutions designed to keep you connected:

Easy Setup: LG UI concept is consistent throughout LG video conferencing products and simple 3-level UI is compelling, compacted to the conventional UI design.

Quick Booting: Within about 50 seconds, booting is complete. Some competitors’ video conferencing products require three minutes.

Integrated Microphone: The super sensitive microphone embedded in the camera reduces hassle and errors due to connectivity.

Recent Call History and Directory: The finished call is automatically logged and displayed as a thumbnail to enable quick re-dial later on (speed dial). Use the "Add Dictionary" function on the video conferencing equipment to create new contacts in the phone book. The Virtual Keyboard has handset look and feel.

720P HD Video: It supports HD image quality, compared with SD, can provide a real sense vivid videoconferencing environment.

Built-in Speaker: Video Conferencing is possible anywhere without an extra speaker. You’ll find built-in speakers integrated in the central unit.

Idle Screen: The eye catching Idle-Screen is a dashboard for calling, directory, setting and the main menu. Simply type in an IP address right on the screen and you will be connected.

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