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Large air-conditioning capacity now comes with high energy efficiency

Large air-conditioning capacity
now comes with high energy efficiency

High efficiency linear control, Smart Variable control, Long piping



VRF Air Conditioning units from LG offer large capacity, high efficiency heating/cooling and outstanding energy reduction. With weekly programming functions and the ability to link several products together for control with one device – VRF ACs are designed to simplify. Learn More

LG VRF systems are taking environment control to new heights, with features like:

Neo Plasma Air Purifying System: Unique NEO Plasma Air Purifying systems on LG VRFs are equipped with 7 specialized filters in 5 separate stages to enhance cleaning power. This reduces fine dust and mold, unpleasant odors and cigarette smoke as air passes through each filter.

Dehumidification: Feel comfortable year round with the intelligent LG Dry Mode. The fan operates at the lowest speed in the dry mode, ensuring more contact with saturated air, thus helping in dehumidification.

Auto Clean: Helps remove odor and reduce clean-up time. This function on the LG VRF system removes moisture and mold for odor-free air and less cleaning.

Swirl Swing: Distributes air evenly throughout the room to ensure a more comfortable conditioned environment by adjusting the movement of the vane.

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