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Life's Good when someone cares for you

Not just pure water, Experience Complete Care.

LG Victoria Red Floral WQD74RJ5P

  • Water Purification Method
  • Water Dispensing function -Hot & Cold
  • Smart Dispensing Function
  • Energy Save Function




LG Water Purifers Care for you in 3 special ways-Core Care3-1)Hot,Cold and optional Normal RO purifed water-One Touch Hot & cold water supply for your Convenience 2)Safety & Hygiene-6.9litres capacity Stainless Steel Tank instead of Plastic one,prevents intrusion of Bacteria and Bad odour on the tank surface.Also,LG's unique Inside Care Service closely cares for the maintenance of water flow paths with a Sterilisation kit. 3)Purity: stringent 5 stage Powerful Filtration ensures the purity of water you drink .As per underwriter Laboraties India Test,LG water purifers effectively removes Chemicals,Virus & Bacteria,giving you water that is absolutely pure. OTHER BENEFITS include Energy Saving Button,Premium Design,Continuous RO Water Flow Button,Hot and Cold water Temperature Indicator and Filter Replacement Indicator.

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