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Take a Closer Look

Take a Closer Look

LG's powerful x37 optical zoom will allow you to zoom into an object from far away to cover every ground needed for surveillance.

Zoom Cameras

Take a closer look with a powerful zoom camera from LG. You’ll find state-of-the-art optical performance that covers every ground needed for surveillance. Learn More

Take the art of surveillance to new heights with state-of-the-art zoom cameras from LG. You’ll enjoy features such as:

Adaptive Resolution Unit: Provides high resolution image, and a clear image even in a low-light environments.

Unique technology: Allows dark portions of a bright image to be clearly shown, enhancing details in the WDR image and removing noise.

Advanced WDR: Boasting powerful performance under low luminance, our CCTV zoom cameras allow images to be shown clearly under a poor light level in B/W mode.

Low luminance: Unique 3D adaptive noise reduction filter effectively removes the noise from the image signal, providing a more vivid and clear image. When using the AGC in low-lightings, clear images can be obtained by reducing noise, and in even darker areas, our zoom cameras produce brighter images by using higher AGC.

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