LG Cinema 3D offers a wide
horizontal viewing angle to
enjoy a full-immersive 3D
experience virtually anywhere
you sit. There's no need to
squeeze together in front of
the TV.

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Want 3D like you get it in the cinema? Lightweight glasses, cool effects and a great picture? LG's Cinema 3D TV can bring it to your home. Explore our newest 3D TVs – and experience a whole new dimension in home entertainment. Learn More

Discover LG’s superior picture quality and amazing 3D effects – powered by LG's Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology – as well as:

2D to 3D Conversion: Turn cinema classics, sports, and your TV favorites into 3D with the 2D-to-3D conversion feature on LG 3D TVs.

TruSlim Frame: Less than 1" wide, the new TruSlim frame on select 3D TVs trims away the distraction of large, wide frames.

Wide-Viewing Angle: Get the same viewing experience virtually anywhere you sit. With more viewing angles, no one is left out of the action.

3D Glasses: Outfit the whole family with LG’s flicker-free 3D TV glasses. Lightweight and inexpensive, some LG passive 3D TVs include enough glasses for the whole family.

TruMotion™: Anti-blurring technology for fast-moving shows; great for watching sports and action-movies.

Intelligent Sensor: LG 3D TVs with intelligent sensor automatically optimize the picture to the lighting and color conditions in the room.

Smart TV: Some LG 3D TVs are also Smart TVs, meaning that they’re internet ready – and allow you to view 2D and 3D content online, anytime.

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