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4 Door Refrigerators

The LG 4 Door’s refrigerator’s freezer drawers are one of the tallest water dispensers available with a spacious interior for unrivalled Organization – giving you easy access to everything your family needs  Learn More

Learn more about the newest 4-door refrigerators from LG.

Space: Completely hidden in the door, our French door refrigerators come with an ultra-compact ice system that cuts bulky clutter and frees up space.

Freshness: Discover a 4-door refrigerator that works hard so you don’t have too. With digital sensors that interact with the refrigerator’s on-board computer, your fridge can maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels, keep humidity at bay, and keep your food fresher for longer.

Access: Whether you store beverages on the left, left-overs on the right or snacks in the drawer, our French door refrigerators come loaded with a host of innovative features designed to make storing and finding your food easier than ever. From adjustable racks to the 4-compartment crisper system with easy-glide pullout drawers, you can create the ideal organizational system that works best for you and your family.

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